Anarchist Bookfair in Lisbon 2011

The Anarchist bookfair in Lisbon on its 4th edition between the 20th and the 22nd of May sets a space for the spreading of anarchist ideas, from books and zines leading to the discussion and analyses of questions that assault our lives in times of social war.

This time, we will dedicate one of the days to the critique of the Development that both capitalism and the state try to impose. Starting on its projects and its offensives against nature and the places we live in, we want to discuss ways to stop this "progress" and start fighting back.
On the other day, we will question the recent movements of discontentment on the streets also reflecting on the possible paths that could lead to a rupture with the state and the economy.
Two subjects that, although different, inevitably cross each other.
We seek to promote the struggle, the solidarity and reflexion as ways of attacking the numerous faces of authority.